Why Asia?

The answer is simple, it's because I understand.

I understand the unusual, the strange, the odd, the twisted, the deranged, the peculiar, the confused.

Can't talk about this to your spouse?

 I understand that you can under no circumstances tell your wife about the "unorthodox" thing that makes you tick, because she will never get it.. 

In most cases than not you have brought it up before, perhaps not directly but you have found a way to inform her about this kink, and her reaction told you all you needed to know. You can't ever bring this up again. You need an outlet.

Are you always in control?

I'm completely empathetic to the fact that you have people who depend on you. Maybe you are a manager, an executive or even a CEO. It can feel like the weight of the world is resting on your shoulders and all you want to do is release your power. Have someone else take the reigns and relinquish yourself to your desires. You need an outlet.

Too ashamed to share with anyone you know?

People can be so quick to judge, especially the people who know you best. Sometimes what you really need is someone who truly understands your kinks. Someone who will never judge you and give you a safe space to express your wildest kink. No matter how gross, weird or unusual you may think it is.

All kinks are normal and I want to explore them all.

What if your fantasy is twisted, taboo or unmentionable?

The beauty of sessions are the face that they are simulations. They give you a chance to emulate your fantasy in a safe, clean and visually stimulating environment. It's a beautiful collaboration of your dreams and my unique set of skills. 

I have listed so many of the things I do in the sessions page of the site but frankly, there will always be to many possible scenarios to list. Everyone varies and exploring that with you will be the focus of the time we spend together. So never be afraid to contact me with any and all requests, kinky scenes or extreme fantasies.

My promise to all my clients

Discretion is my number one priority.

Everyone is entitled to a little privacy. I keep my clients business quiet. What ever is said or done during our sessions never leaves the room. It is important to me that trust is established almost instantly. The fact of the matter is: you cannot be comfortable with a professional you can not trust. The best way to ensure that trust is to ensure that I will be discreet and all our activities will be consensual.

Note: I do not partake in, condone nor facilitate any kind of sex.