Special Requests

Odd Requests 

Over the years, I have received all sorts of unorthodox or "odd" requests. Please note that no request is too odd or too shocking for me to handle. I am not a living incarnation of Wonder Woman (although, I wish I was) and cannot achieve every request but I will try to accommodate any wacky thing you throw at me. So be not afraid, I only bite if you give consent...


To list my complete wardrobe would be strenuous and entirely too time consuming. Instead I would rather say that yes, I do take wardrobe requests.

I have complete roleplay looks, some costumes as well as traditional pin-up and domme apparel. If you have a request that is very specific or something I cannot accommodate in my current wardrobe then you will need to provide the specified garment(s).


Purchasable Items

I get inquiries all the time asking what kinds of things I have to offer for those of you who want a collectible, or intimate item. For you, my little freaks, I do have the following things available for purchase:



Lightly worn

Heavily worn


Time of month undies





Worn socks

Heavily worn, smelly socks         

Extra Smelly, Gym socks



Thigh Highs

Shoes, boots and sneakers may also be available for purchase. Inquire within.

Webcam & Instant message sessions:

Due to the fact that I do a great deal of real-time sessions, it is rare that a webcam session takes place. However, I do enjoy them and like to squeeze a few into my week if I have the time. I like to use Yahoo and Skype as my webcam service.

The simpliest way to ensure you can get a web session is to contact me directly via email and set a slot, or to add me as a friend & catch me when I am online and “available.”


Skype ID: asiamonroe



Phone sessions


I take my phone sessions via Niteflirt. Again, one of the best ways to set up any appointment is via email directly. For those of you who prefer some level of spontaneity, you can try your luck at my extension.

I hope to be posting a dedicated phone session schedule soon.


ext: 03056516




Types of payments accepted:

Please visit the Sessions & Tribute page here.